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Meng Fanling

Research Assistant Professor


COB LG1-09

+852 66198667

+852 66198667

COB LG1-09

COB LG1-09

Dr. Fanling MENG joined the University of Hong Kong as Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2023. She obtained her BS degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2009, and her PhD in Materials Science from Dartmouth College in 2014. Dr. Meng did her postdoctoral research in Dartmouth College from 2014-2016 and City University of Hong Kong from 2017-2018. Previously, she joined Southern University of Science and Technology in 2018 as a Research Assistant Professor. Dr. Meng’s research interests focus on characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties, and in-situ electron microscopy.

Research Areas

In-situ Electron Microscopy

Microstructure characterization



Research Projects


· Yilu Zhao, Fanling Meng, Tao Yang, Junhua Luan, Shaofei Liu, Guma Yeli, Weitong Lin, Weihong Liu, Xingjun Liu, Liu, Chain Tsuan Liu and Ji-jung Kai, Enhanced helium ion irradiation tolerance in a Fe-Co-Ni-Cr-Al-Ti high-entropy alloy with L12 nanoparticles. Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2022) 143:169-177.

· Chaoqun Dang, Weitong Lin, Fanling Meng, Hongti Zhang, Sufeng Fan, Xiaocui Li, Ke Cao, Haokun Yang, Wenzhao Zhou, Zhengjie Fan, Ji-jung Kai and Yang Lu, Enhanced tensile ductility of tungsten microwires via high-density dislocations and reduced grain boundaries. Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2021) 95: 193-202.

· Xiaocui Li, Haokun Yang, Fanling Meng, Jian Lu, and Yang Lu, Grain-size Insensitive Work-hardening Behavior of Ag Microwires. Materials Science & Engineering A (2019), 759: 655-660.

· Ian Baker and Fanling Meng, Lamellar Coarsening in Fe28Ni18Mn33Al21and Its Influence on Room Temperature Tensile Behavior. Acta Materialia (2015), 95: 124-131.

· Fanling Meng and Ian Baker, Nitriding of a High Entropy FeNiMnAlCr Alloy. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2015), 645: 376-381.

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