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Lin Y.



HW 7-30

+(852) 3917 7955

+(852) 3917 7955

HW 7-30

HW 7-30

Prof. Yuan Lin received the BS and MS degree in Engineering Mechanics from Tsinghua University in 1999 and 2001, respectively. He later obtained a MS degree in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. degree in Solid Mechanics from Brown University in 2008. Prof. Lin's research interests include cellular and molecular biomechanics, tissue development and morphogenesis, and mechanics of biological and active materials. His works have been published in in top journals, including PNAS, Science Advances, Nature Communications and PRL, and received numerous reports by popular media outlets such as Science Magazine, ScienceDaily and

Prof. Lin has served as Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Nano-Mechanical Interfaces as well as keynote speaker in various conferences. He is also currently serving in the editorial board of 4 international journals.

Research Areas

Cell and Tissue Mechanics


Mechanics of Soft and Active Materials

Research Projects


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