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Chen Y.H.

Associate Professor


HW 7-29

+(852) 3917 7910

+(852) 3917 7910

HW 7-29

HW 7-29

Prof. Y.H. Chen completed his undergraduate studies in Southwest Jiaotong University (B.Sc) and  Ph.D. in the University of Liverpool respectively. He had worked in industries for three years as senior R&D engineer before joining the University of Hong Kong as a lecturer in 1993.  Prof. Chen had served as editorial board members for a number of international journals such as Biofabrication (2008-2011), The RPD Magazine, etc. Since 1997, Prof. Chen has organized more than 10 international conferences on product development and automation. He has worked intensively on Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Robotics, and CAD/CAM in the past 20 years. He is now taking on the challenge of 3D printing smart soft robots so that future robots might be completely ‘3D printed” without the need of assembly.


Recent Awards

  1. “Passive Particle Jamming”, A Runner-up in Soft Robotics Research Competition 2017, organized by Soft Robotics

  2. “Direct 3D Printing of Bio-Inspired Robotic Fingers”, Finalist, IEEE ICRA Soft Component Technologies Challenge 2017.

  3. “Soft Gripper Stiffened by Passive Particle Jamming”, Finalist, IEEE ICRA Soft Component Technologies Challenge 2017.

  4. “3D Printing of Smart Materials for Robotics with Variable Stiffness and Position Feedback”, Best Student Paper Nomination, IEEE AIM 2017.

  5. “Design of a One-motor Tree-climbing Robot”, Best Conference Paper, IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, 2015, China.

  6. Outstanding Conference Presentation Award, FAIM 2015

Research Areas

Smart Soft Robotics Service Robotics

Additive Manufacturing

Research Projects


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