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Professor James Lam appointed E-i-C of J Franklin Institute

PhD student Qi Long ZHAO wins best paper award

Prof Min Wang elected academician of World Academy of Ceramics

ENGG1205 Competition Photo Album

Professor Yiu Wing MAI (HKU-ME graduate 1969) receives Honorary Doctor of Science from HKU

PhD student WANG Chong won this year’s STAR award from the Society for Biomaterials, USA

Professor Norman Ko awarded a University Fellowship at PolyU

ME Alumnus (1941) the Hon Sir S Y Chung awarded the Prestigious James Watt International Gold Medal 2012

Two Championships on 2011-2012 Best Final Year Energy Project Competition organized by Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch)

Dr Anderson Shum won the RGC Early Career Award

Obituary: Dr. Cheung Wai Lam

Obituary (Loss of two of our graduates/students during the tragic ferry collision near Lamma Island)

MSc student David Wong is the winner of the 2012 Meyer Poon Memorial award (postgraduate category)

Dr Lixi Huang became an associate editor for the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America from 1 July 2012

Prof Min Wang became the founding series editor of the Springer Series in Biomaterials Science and Engineering

Prof Min Wang elected Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (FBSE), and Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)

Two HKU-ME students won 2012-13 Boeing-Cathay Pacific Engineering Internship

Miss Xiaoming Chen obtained Zhang Si-Ying Outstanding Youth Paper Award

Professor James Lam

Acoustics, vibration and control group participates in National Key Basic

Year-3 student Johnny Wong Chun Yin won this year's "Speak out for engineering" presentation competition

ME students won 1st Runner-up Award at IMechE Greater China Design Competition

Design project students won three awards at 3rd International Senior Project Conference (ISPC) 2012

Dr C.O. Ng promoted to full professor

"Boys, be ambitious"- ME year-1 student YEN Hwa publishes a book on his exchange-student experience in USA.

Professor James Lam appointed Editor-in-Chief of IET Control Theory and Applications

Prof James Lam elected Fellow of IEEE

Research lab of Energy and Environment launched in Shenzhen

Miss Si Yue LI won best conference presentation award

Mr Chong WANG won best conference paper award

Best paper awards for Prof Min Wang's group

Prof Min Wang appointed as Editor

Prof. Min Wang elected Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)

Miss SY Li won student travel award

Popular Science Lecture by Chair Professor A H W Ngan

ME Year-2 student - Scholarship

HKU-ME Alumnus (1969), Prof. Y.W. Mai of Sydney Univ., elected as an International Fellow of the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering

Prof. A.H.W. Ngan was named Kingboard Professor in Materials Engineering, in the University’s 5th Endowed Professorship Inauguration Ceremony held on April 12, 2011.

Dr. L.X. Huang has received the Faculty Best Teachers Award in April, 2011.

Prof. B.P. Chan has received the Outstanding Young Researcher Award at the University’s Award Presentation Ceremony for Excellence in Teaching and Research 2010, which was held on February 17, 2011.

Call for application (Interview in Mainland China)

Champion (local and regional competitions), Speak Out for Engineering by the IME

2010 Boeing-Cathay Pacific Engineering Internship Award

First Runner-Up and Best Artistic Design Award in the ABU Robot Contest

HK Robocon contest champion

Best Teacher Award 2008/09

DBF Competition - Design Award


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50 Years of Mechanical Engineering Curriculum and Still Going Strong

With the appointment in 1912 of the first professor at HKU, Professor C.A. Middleton-Smith, who was a chartered mechanical engineer, Mechanical Engineering was taught amongst the earliest curricula of the University. Some of the earliest alumni include 劉仙洲 (曾任清華大學第一副校長) and 石志仁(中國科學院技術科學部委員) who started to enroll in our program in 1914 and 1918, respectively. Despite the long history of Mechanical Engineering education in the University, the Department of Mechanical Engineering was only formally established in 1960. Hence, a quick review on the major milestones in the development of the department in the last 50 years would perhaps be refreshing for alumni, friends, parents, students and teachers of this big family.

    The Duncan Sloss Building.
  1. Degrees awarded – Until 1988, the first degree in engineering was called Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc{Eng}). Since 1989, the name Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) has been adopted. Before 1967, only three grades of honours classification were used (first, second and pass). In 1968, the Second Class Honours was split into the upper and lower divisions. The Third Class Honours was introduced in 1980.
  2. Higher degree by research – The first PhD in Mechanical Engineering was awarded in 1970 to Dr. Poon Kwan Leung, with MPhil incorporated in the same year. MSc degree followed in a few years. The first MPhil degree to female student in the Faculty was awarded to Yeung Shuk Wah in 1974 from the Mechanical Engineering programme.
  3. Student Composition Fees – HK$ 1,150 (1961); 1,500 (1971); 2,300 (1981); 10,000 (1991); 42,100 (2001-).
  4. Building – Early days: The Ho Tung Workshop and Peel Engineering Laboratory. Remond Building was added in 1971 at a cost of $860,000 (renamed Yam Pak Building in 1996). In 1983, Haking Wong Building became the location for major teaching and research activities of the Faculty with a total floor area of 17,264 sq.m, partially funded by a generous donation of 6 million from Dr. Haking Wong.
  5. Number of full time teaching staff – 11 (1970); 19 (1980); 25 (1990); 24-25 (2000-).
  6. Professor Sean Mackey, Dean of Engg and Arch (front row, fifth from left) and Mr. W. Smith, Head of Department (front row, third from right)
    Professor Chow with some graduating students in late 70's
  7. First female student to accomplish a First Class Honours standing – 1986. In 1988, only 1 out of 92 students in the Department is female. Today the proportion is around 1 out of 5.
  8. Heads of Department (period of headship)
A photo of current and former heads of the Department, taken in the spring dinner 2003. From left to right: Professors Ko, Chwang, Tan, Duggan and Chow.

Mr. W. Smith (1961-1966 )

Professor H.C.H. Gurney (1966-1973 )

Professor E.A. Bruges (1973-1982 )

Professor C.L. Chow (1982-1990 )

Professor N.W.M. Ko (1990-1991 )

Professor A.T.Y. Chwang (1991-1999 )

Professor B.J. Duggan (2000-2002 )

Professor S.T. Tan (2002-2011 )

Professor Y Li (2011- )