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Miss Huihua LI’s team is the Champion of the Interdisciplinary Research Competition (IRC) 2018


Miss Huihua LI, a first-year PhD student supervised by Professor Min Wang in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, led a team in the Interdisciplinary Research Competition (IRC) 2018 and the team emerged as the Champion of this year’s competition. The IRC is jointly organized by the Graduate House, Postgraduate Student Association and Graduate School of The University of Hong Kong to promote interdisciplinary research amongst postgraduate students. Eight teams of postgraduate students were selected as the finalists in IRC 2018 and the final was held on April 20, 2018. Each team presented their interdisciplinary research project and answered questions raised by the judges and audience. Miss Li’s team, adeptly named the “Dancing Ear Group”, consisted of five research students from Engineering Faculty’s Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments, presented their project “3D Printing System for Cartilage Repair” which employs 3D printing, hydrogel materials, growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells to create novel cell-scaffold constructs for cartilage tissue regeneration. The interdisciplinarity and novelty of the project and outstanding performance of the team led to their winning championship.


                            Giving the project presentation by Miss Li at the competition.

Receiving the award certificate from Dean of the Graduate School Professor M.L. Chye (on the right).

[Members of the “Dancing Ear Group”: Mao Jianjun (ME), Liu Yingqi (CivE), Guo Lin (ME), Li Huihua (ME), and Fang Ge (ME) (from left to right).]