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  • BSE is about designing, installing & servicing everything that is needed to make buildings comfortable, safe & convenient.
    Welcome to the HKU BSE Homepage
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    Building Services Engineering (BSE) is a challenging, interdisciplinary profession. It involves the specification, design, installation and management of all the engineering services associated with the built environment. With the growing complexity of engineering services in modern buildings and the significance of energy conservation and pollution control, the role of the building services engineer is becoming more and more important. Moreover, the need to provide an internal environment that balances the comfort needs of the occupants with the functional requirements of the building, using increasingly sophisticated technology, calls for engineers with a wide range of knowledge and skills.

    [The Building Design Process and Teamwork: Building Services Engineer [ArchSD] (2:11)]
    Mechanical and Electrical Engineer (Part 1) [BCA Singapore] (8:59)]
    [Mechanical and Electrical Engineer (Part 2) [BCA Singapore] (7:18)]
    [SummitSkills -- Building Services Engineering (YouTube video 11:09)]
    [Building Services Engineer: Sara McGowan - Building Designer [Vega UK](14:10)

    Building Services is widely taught and researched at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The purpose of this home page is to create a one-stop, virtual centre for access to all related activities and provide useful information for students, staff, researchers, professionals and any interested persons.

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